The issue of inequality is receiving increasing attention in many social, academic and political areas. Here we offer links to valuable knowledge in different categories. Whether media in the form of videos or podcasts, literature, art, projects or research – there are a variety of ways to deal with inequality.

We do not claim to have a complete list – quite the opposite! The project lives from its inclusive and successive growth. We are grateful for tips and suggestions: Bring on your ideas! Mail: info@ungleichheit.info

Whether contributions from satirical programs, documentaries or exciting interviews on inequality – there is a wide range. Some videos and podcasts are entertaining, some are shocking, all are informative.

Literature covers a wide spectrum. Here we list daily reports from newspapers and research institutions, present non-fiction books and link to academic specialist literature.


Every art has its own language and is usually more sensual than any other medium, able to touch directly and set thoughts in motion. Here are excerpts from music, theater, street art and much more.

Inequality as a cross-cutting issue is so extensive and important that projects are often required to be able to pursue individual aspects more extensively. Whether at the university or in the theater – projects can create important synergies.

Findings from research are essential for a well-founded discussion on inequality. If you are interested in looking at numbers in studies, reports or databases and getting your own picture, or if you are looking for data to get to the bottom of your own questions, here you will find what you are looking for.