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The United Nations have formulated the reduction of inequalities as an independent sustainability goal of the 2030 Agenda, No. 10: Inequality should be reduced within and between countries – “Leave no one behind!”

The richer half of Germans has 99,5 percent of the total wealth, the poorer half possesses 0,5 percent. 

In Germany, 74 percent of academics and 21 percent of children of non-academic parents go to university.

The richest 1 percent of the world’s population owns 43.3 percent of all wealth.

252 men have more wealth than all 1 billion women and girls in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, combined. | Source: Oxfam 2022.

If there were equal opportunities, people would have the same positions at the start line of life. But it is of great importance in what family one is born into, whether male or female, what religion one belongs to etc. | Idea of the representation is based on  The Guardian 2019.

Class and gender relations, ethnicity and race have an impact on how high the average income of the group of people is.

It is about 2,200 km from Cologne to Lisbon. For a human chain with a distance of 1m (between the persons) you would need about 2.2 million people. All these people together have as much wealth as the one person at the end of the chain. | Source: Oxfam 2020; own calculation.

Global income inequality can be compared to the shape of a champagne glass. The richest upper fifth of the world’s population gets four out of five sips – leaving very little for the others. | Source: Eklockwood 2015.

The two richest German families own with 71.6 billion euros more than 41.5 million people. Calculation: Net wealth in private households is 14 trillion euros, of which less than 0.5 percent are owned by the poorer half of the population. | Source: Linartas 2021.

The CEO of VW, Herbert Diess, earned around 9.9 million euros in 2019. For comparison: Angela Merkel received 473,040 euros in the same year, while the average salary of a German was 46,560 euros and a person working full-time with the minimum wage earned 20,000 euros. | Sources: Kewes 2020Pospiech 2021.