SOEP – the Socio-Economic Panel 

SOEP – the Socio-Economic Panel 

Since 1984 | German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) |

The Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) is a representative repeated survey that has been running since 1984. Every year, on behalf of DIW Berlin, people from households throughout Germany are interviewed by the survey institute. The data provide information on questions about income, employment, education, or health. Because the same people are surveyed every year, long-term social and societal trends can be followed particularly well. In order to adequately record social change, random samples are repeatedly implemented, and the survey program is adapted.

ATTENTION: The data are subject to earmarking. The DIW has assured the respondents that their answers may only be used for scientific studies. This is ensured by a contract, as well as compliance with data protection measures before the data is passed on. The DIW only concludes this contract with members of an academic institution. Once the contract has been concluded, all data sets can be ordered free of charge.

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