Mediendienst Integration

Mediendienst Integration

Since 2012 | Rat für Migration |

MEDIENDIENST INTEGRATION is an information platform for journalists and media professionals on migration, integration, and asylum in Germany and beyond. What they offer:

1. Facts, figures, and news: Mediendienst Integration offers facts and figures on various topics and always refer to original sources. They also publish their own background reports, research, and “fact-checks”, as well as interviews and contributions from experts.

2. Events: They regularly organize informational events around Germany for journalists to have the opportunity to meet and exchange information with experts in the field. Mediendienst Integration offers three types of events: two-hour long press briefings, half-day media tours, and visits to editorial offices.

3. Experts: Are you looking for German or international experts on a particular topic related to migration, integration, or asylum? Mediendienst Integration works closely with academics and researchers and can quickly help you find the right contact for reporting purposes. Contact them at mail@mediendienst-integration.de